Insurance Company for Cotton Gin Industry in Texas

Do you have the proper coverage for your Cotton Gin or Cotton Warehouse?

As a cotton ginner or cotton warehouse operator, your business has made a significant investment in machinery, buildings and vehicles. You more than likely have also invested in employing a diverse workforce and must take responsibility to ensure the safety and health of your employees while they are on the job.

We here at Alliance Insurance Services are here to protect your Cotton Gin and or Warehouse business needs. Insuring the needs of the Agribusiness Industry is our business. We offer a wide variety of coverage options and endorsements that allow us to work together with you to create a customized insurance package that is sure to cover exactly what you need.


Industry Specific Coverage Options:
  • General Liability Insurance
    • General liability protects your business from premises and product liability issues.
  • Business Income Insurance
    • Business income covers extra expenses or replaces loss of income while your business is being rebuilt due to an insured loss.
  • Commercial Auto and Fleet Insurance
    • Commercial auto and fleet protects your vehicles that transport product, employees or equipment.

Additional Coverages:

To Meet Your Individual Needs:
  • Property Insurance
    • This coverage protects your products, buildings and machinery.
  • Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance
    • This coverage provides additional protection above standard liability coverage.
  • Crime Insurance
    • Crime insurance protects your business against theft, including employee dishonesty.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
    • Workers’ compensation protects your employees when they’re injured at work.

We Take Time to Understand

Protecting the Cotton Gin Industry Companies from Risk And Loss

Premium Management

Our specialists primary focus is to accurately assess and classify risk exposures. Ensuring proper coverage and ongoing maintenance assessments of our customer’s needs for their business is what we at Alliance Insurance Services are proud to provide.

Underwriting Services

In order to exchange ideas and listen to our customer’s concerns, our team of qualified agents and specialists meet face-to-face with the businesses we serve.

Risk Control

Alliance Insurance Services risk control consultants look for workable solutions and alternatives to help our customers maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

Claims Handling

We strive for first contact with customers and claimants within 24 hours of claim notification. Our specialists follow through with prompt, accurate and fair claims handling in order to provide the best experience possible to our valued customers.

We invite you to strengthen your insurance protection, benefit from superior customer service, and enjoy competitive rates and financial security.

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