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Why Veterinarians Need Business Insurance?

People entrust veterinarians with the care and well-being of their beloved pets. Most people consider their pets to be family and depend on your veterinary knowledge and expertise for their animal’s absolute well-being. In addition to the typical risks many small businesses face, like property damage or loss of important business files and records, the complexities of running a veterinary practice can expose your business to unique vulnerabilities. We here at Alliance Insurance Services help you understand what coverage your veterinary practice needs in order to protect your employees, as well as the animals you care for, treat, and love.
Business Owner’s Insurance Policy (BOP)
Having a Business Owner’s Insurance Policy is common practice among most veterinary businesses. Similar to how a homeowner’s policy protects your home and personal belongings, a Business Owner’s Insurance Policy protects a veterinarian’s business.
Ask your Alliance Insurance Services Agent how your practice can save even more by combining essential coverages that are critical to almost every small business.
Having a Business Owner’s Insurance Policy can save your veterinary practice money on insurance rates while protecting your veterinary office.

Custom Programs

For Veterinary Clinics include:
  • Workers Compensation
  • Property
  • Professional Liability
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Commercial Umbrella

Additional Coverages:

To Meet Your Individual Needs:

We review with you the workers compensation, liability, property and other types of coverage needed to operate your clinic.

Professional Liability Coverage: Veterinarians need professional liability coverage to protect themselves in the event of negligence claims. Our agents will find the veterinarians professional liability coverage you need.

We Take Time to Understand

Protecting Veterinarians and their Clinics from Risk And Loss

Premium Management

Our specialists primary focus is to accurately assess and classify risk exposures. Ensuring proper coverage and ongoing maintenance assessments of our customer’s needs for their business is what we at Alliance Insurance Services are proud to provide.

Underwriting Services

In order to exchange ideas and listen to our customer’s concerns, our team of qualified agents and specialists meet face-to-face with the businesses we serve.

Risk Control

Alliance Insurance Services risk control consultants look for workable solutions and alternatives to help our customers maintain a safe and efficient workplace.

Claims Handling

We strive for first contact with customers and claimants within 24 hours of claim notification. Our specialists follow through with prompt, accurate and fair claims handling in order to provide the best experience possible to our valued customers.

We invite you to strengthen your insurance protection, benefit from superior customer services, enjoy competitive rates and financial security.

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